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A progressive India is possible only when the citizens have a high degree of responsibility towards nation building. Strong and influential teachers are the only ones who have the ability to transform the younger generation as committed citizens.

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The purpose of InspireTeacher is to sensitize, motivate and reshape the present teachers and create a new breed of inspiring teachers, through appropriate awareness campaigns, training interventions and recognition programmes.

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You can also be a part of this important mission in building a better Nation. Share your views and ideas, participate in discussions, showcase your case studies, spread the message and create awareness about this mission among the teaching community.

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Teaching Language to Children


(An article by Mrs.P.Geetha, A language teacher with more than 36 years of Service)

Teaching is an art as it is not limited by a set of rules. Language is not a subject, it is a skill, so language teachers require some extra qualities.

The teacher should be compassionate, loving and…

Five principles of highly effective teachers.


1. Believe in your students… every one of them! You must believe that every one of them can achieve good results.

2. You should make the students know that you believe in them, so that they also start to believe that they can achieve results.

3. Once you believe, you…