Session on “21st Century Skills for Teachers” at CBSE National in-service Training

As a part of CBSE’s National in-service training programme for the commerce teachers from all over India, a session on “21st century skills for teachers” was conducted by Mr.S.Shivkumar of InspireTeacher, on 22nd May 2016 . The programme was conducted at Kendriya Vidyalaya, HVF, Avadi, Chennai. About 60 commerce teachers of KVs from various States participated.

The session highlighted the changing nature of the 21st century students and their attitudes, and the skill sets teachers should possess to handle the challenges. The session included videos, case studies and active discussion among the participants. The participants appreciated the session and felt that they learned a lot of things which would help them to become better teachers in the 21st century.

INSPIRE programmme at Sagar International School


Sagar International School, Perundurai is a fast growing residential school in Erode region of Tamil Nadu. The promoters of the school lay a great emphasis on values, sports and life skills of the students apart from the academics. Two days INSPIRE workshop was conducted at the school to sensitize the teachers on their role in building next generation for the country. About 60 teachers participated. The workshop covered different aspects of becoming INSPIRING teachers.  Effective teaching methodologies, activity based learning, implementation of CCE in its true spirit were some of the topics covered. Many interesting  activities were part of the two days workshop, which kept the participants fully attentive and motivated.

A few feedback from the participants of the programme: 

  • “Very useful and interesting. Learned a lot how to teach the lessons and activities. Teacher should utilize the techniques you offered us.”– Poornima Jothi, KG.
  • “It was really good. What we learned from you is lot. I learned how to apply it” – Chellapandian, English
  • “Thank you very much for everything. I will learn more and I will implement in my life”– Kalavathi, Hindi
  • “This is very useful platform for me. It is fruitful for me”– Amitha.S., Hindi
  • “Really it is very good job to become a good and efficient teacher. I learned many things”– P.Revathi, Science.
  • “From beginning to the end, the session was very interactive”– Indumathi , K.G.
  • “Overall it was good. Excellent” – Vallimeenal, Social Science

Do your students remember you?

One of the common questions we ask in our training sessions to teachers is “Can you talk about a few teachers who have lasting impressions in your life….”

Generally the answers will start with emotionally charged voice, “yes, during my school days there was a teacher by name….”

We ask them “So, that teacher was influential in changing your course of life?” many a times we get answers such as “only because of that teacher I have this habit”, “I got interested in this”, “I learned how to be positive….” etc. Imagine after more than 10-20 years of leaving school, one person still stays in your mind, guides you through your choices and influences your decision. Teachers have that power.

We then ask the teachers, “Do you think your students will remember you in the same way after many years? Have you been a positive influence on their lives?”. Many teachers are not sure.

How you can shape the lives of students in small ways, even after they leave the schools. Just think about it.


Why do we need better teachers?

Teachers are the creators of the foundation of any society. Good teachers produce good citizens. Good citizens make good nation. But if the foundation is not nurtured well, the nation will start shaking. That is what is happening to our society today. Deteriorating quality of teachers is resulting in large number of unemployable youth with low moral values and no concern for the fellow human beings. While on one hand we are proud to be a nation with more than 50% of youth, the most worrying factor is that, only less than 20% of them are going to be employable. What is the use of 50 crores of youth, if only a small fraction of them are going to be useful for Nation building. The rest are going to be more of a problem for the country.

If we wish to see a better future generations, the strengthening of the foundation should start, right now. INSPIRE Teacher is an endeavor towards that goal of creating a new breed of “inspiring” teachers, who can produce better citizen year on year, till the whole generation becomes more  sensitive, sensible and patriotic.

Come, join hands and lets do our bit in creating a better future for the coming generation.