Teacher Training Programmes – Few observations

During our teacher quality improvement programmes across many CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu, we made few interesting observations ( these are just observations and not supported by any scientific research study).

  • Teachers in smaller towns (such as Thiruchendur, Vallam, Dindigul, vellakoil, etc…) seem to have stronger “passion for teaching” than the teachers in big cities.
  • Female teachers out number male teachers in many schools ( in some schools more than 80% of teachers are females)
  • Language teachers show higher level of interest and participation in training programmes than other teachers.
  • Teachers between 5-10 years of experience show more interest in learning new things, than the freshers or senior teachers.
  • Teachers always like activities as part of the training programme. However, when asked to demonstrate their teaching ability, most of them resort to simple chalk and talk.