About us


Inspire Teacher is a movement started by few individuals who are deeply concerned about the state of our present education system and the deteriorating quality of our teachers. The forum ropes in senior teachers, trainers, education consultants and thinkers to share their ideas to improve the quality of teachers and teaching.


S.Shivkumar, B.E (Hons), M.Des (IIT, Bombay), Research Scholar at N.I.T.T.T.R

shiv1aShivkumar, a post graduate from I.I.T, Bombay, is a technocrat with more than 30 years of experience in management, technology, eLearning and training. Having worked with large organisations such as Tata Motors and TVS Whirlpool, Shivkumar has been an Entrepreneur for more then 20 years and is the Managing Director of Axis-v, a well know eLearning company. His passion for teaching and his sound understanding of teaching-learning process acquired through his expertise in eLearning, prompted him to take up teacher training as one of his major focus areas. He has been training teachers of leading educational institutions during the past few years and so far he has trained more than 2000 teachers from reputed Educational Institutions including SSN College of Engineering, Shiv Nadar University, Kamaraj College of Engineering, and well known schools from many parts of the State.  He was the Member of Board of Studies at Pondichery University for 3 years. He is an international trainer certified by C&G, UK. He is a researcher in the area of Teacher Evaluation Models.

V.Kalyanaraman, M.Com, M.Ed, MHRM

Mr.Kalyankalyanamaraman holds M.Com, M.Ed, MHRM degrees and has been a teacher for nearly three decades. He has served in different Kendriya Vidyala and Novodaya Schools across India and is known for his innovative approach towards handling subjects which are generally considered to be tough. He has been serving as Principal in Kendriya Vidyalaya for more than 15 years and has a great reputation as a reformist who brings about changes in teaching methodology and education management, whichever institution he serves. He is a recipient of Best Principal Award from CBSE. He is one of the most sought after trainers in CBSE’s capacity building programmes.  He is an optimistic person and strongly believes that the present set of teachers can be molded well through proper training and motivation.  He believes that constructivism in teaching and learning  makes class room transaction more effective. He has formulated a “6E model” of teaching and evaluation of teaching process.

V.Umamaheswari, B.E, M.B.A

Mrs.Umuma-smallamaheswari holds a B.E and M.B.A degree. She has been working with Government for about 20 years and after that she was part of an eLearning company taking care of its operations. She was instrumental in creating a series of eLearning content for school children and has also been involved in curriculum design for Teacher training programmes. She is a trainer and a social activist with genuine desire to do something good for the society. Her concern over the lowering standards of education has made her spend considerable amount of time with teachers and students to understand their issues and propose steps to overcome those issues.