Do your students remember you?

One of the common questions we ask in our training sessions to teachers is “Can you talk about a few teachers who have lasting impressions in your life….”

Generally the answers will start with emotionally charged voice, “yes, during my school days there was a teacher by name….”

We ask them “So, that teacher was influential in changing your course of life?” many a times we get answers such as “only because of that teacher I have this habit”, “I got interested in this”, “I learned how to be positive….” etc. Imagine after more than 10-20 years of leaving school, one person still stays in your mind, guides you through your choices and influences your decision. Teachers have that power.

We then ask the teachers, “Do you think your students will remember you in the same way after many years? Have you been a positive influence on their lives?”. Many teachers are not sure.

How you can shape the lives of students in small ways, even after they leave the schools. Just think about it.

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