Five principles of highly effective teachers.

1. Believe in your students… every one of them! You must believe that every one of them can achieve good results.

2. You should make the students know that you believe in them, so that they also start to believe that they can achieve results.

3. Once you believe, you have to set ambitious, measurable and meaningful goal to your students.

4. Make sure that the goal you have given to the students becomes the everyday priority for them and their family.

5. Plan purposefully. From the objectives that you have defined, plan backwards to create an efficient path for success.

( This is the summary of TEDx talk by Pierre Pirard, who decided to become a teacher, after a high profile career as CEO. Working in Brussels’ most disadvantaged neighborhoods, he discovered that these children — usually portrayed as troublemakers — are able to rise above this negative image. He believes that these kids are the future of our society and that we should care for their education, no matter what their socio-cultural and economical background is.)

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