Why do we need better teachers?

Teachers are the creators of the foundation of any society. Good teachers produce good citizens. Good citizens make good nation. But if the foundation is not nurtured well, the nation will start shaking. That is what is happening to our society today. Deteriorating quality of teachers is resulting in large number of unemployable youth with low moral values and no concern for the fellow human beings. While on one hand we are proud to be a nation with more than 50% of youth, the most worrying factor is that, only less than 20% of them are going to be employable. What is the use of 50 crores of youth, if only a small fraction of them are going to be useful for Nation building. The rest are going to be more of a problem for the country.

If we wish to see a better future generations, the strengthening of the foundation should start, right now. INSPIRE Teacher is an endeavor towards that goal of creating a new breed of “inspiring” teachers, who can produce better citizen year on year, till the whole generation becomes moreĀ  sensitive, sensible and patriotic.

Come, join hands and lets do our bit in creating a better future for the coming generation.