INSPIRE-Teacher Training at Wisdom Public School, Thiruchendur.

A day long INSPIRE programme was conducted at Wisdom Public School, Thiruchendur,  on 22nd July 2016. The workshop focused on effective teaching methodologies and CCE implementation. Apart from making the teachers realize their value in the society, the programme sensitized the teachers on preserving the environment for the next generation.

Most of the participants were young and enthusiastic. The teachers were highly motivated and the level of their participation was amazing. It is this kind of motivated teachers who give us the hope that creating a new breed of inspiring teachers is very much possible.  The programme was rated with 4.87 points on a five point scale, the highest of all the InspireTeacher programmes so far.

Some of the feedback from the participants:

“ Really a very useful session. Today I realized my level in my profession. The session on Environment was inspiring”- Ms. Hyrunnisha

“Very useful and interesting. Helps improve our self confidence” – Ms.M.Uma

“In future, I want to become an inspiring teacher” –Ms.Farzana.


INSPIRE-Teacher Training at Ramya Sathianathan School, Thanjavur.

One day INSPIRE programme was conducted at Ramya Sathianathan CBSE School situated near Thanjavur, on 7th July 2016 to train the teachers on methodologies that would help them become inspiring teachers. The programme also sensitized the teachers on their responsibility towards students and their role in society building. About 30 teachers participated in the programme, which consisted of lecture sessions as well as many group activities.

Many of the participants were young and had less than 5 years of teaching experience. They found the programme to be of great value in building their career. They felt the need for many such programmes in the future to shape up their career.

Participants’ feedback:

“The programme was very good. I feel, there is better future for me and for my students.”- Mr.Ganesan, Teacher.

“The best I can say is that the trainer inspired us to become inspiring teachers” – Mrs.Manimegalai, Teacher.

“ Each and every point which was delivered by the trainer is very precious” –Mr.M.Ajay, Teacher.

The participants rated the programme  with 4.7 points on a 5 point scale for its effectiveness and usefulness.



Session on “21st Century Skills for Teachers” at CBSE National in-service Training

As a part of CBSE’s National in-service training programme for the commerce teachers from all over India, a session on “21st century skills for teachers” was conducted by Mr.S.Shivkumar of InspireTeacher, on 22nd May 2016 . The programme was conducted at Kendriya Vidyalaya, HVF, Avadi, Chennai. About 60 commerce teachers of KVs from various States participated.

The session highlighted the changing nature of the 21st century students and their attitudes, and the skill sets teachers should possess to handle the challenges. The session included videos, case studies and active discussion among the participants. The participants appreciated the session and felt that they learned a lot of things which would help them to become better teachers in the 21st century.

INSPIRE programmme at Sagar International School


Sagar International School, Perundurai is a fast growing residential school in Erode region of Tamil Nadu. The promoters of the school lay a great emphasis on values, sports and life skills of the students apart from the academics. Two days INSPIRE workshop was conducted at the school to sensitize the teachers on their role in building next generation for the country. About 60 teachers participated. The workshop covered different aspects of becoming INSPIRING teachers.  Effective teaching methodologies, activity based learning, implementation of CCE in its true spirit were some of the topics covered. Many interesting  activities were part of the two days workshop, which kept the participants fully attentive and motivated.

A few feedback from the participants of the programme: 

  • “Very useful and interesting. Learned a lot how to teach the lessons and activities. Teacher should utilize the techniques you offered us.”– Poornima Jothi, KG.
  • “It was really good. What we learned from you is lot. I learned how to apply it” – Chellapandian, English
  • “Thank you very much for everything. I will learn more and I will implement in my life”– Kalavathi, Hindi
  • “This is very useful platform for me. It is fruitful for me”– Amitha.S., Hindi
  • “Really it is very good job to become a good and efficient teacher. I learned many things”– P.Revathi, Science.
  • “From beginning to the end, the session was very interactive”– Indumathi , K.G.
  • “Overall it was good. Excellent” – Vallimeenal, Social Science

CCE Training at PSLN Vidyalaya, Madurai

Pandukudi SLN vidyalaya

A day long programme was conducted at the Pandukudi Sri Lakshmi Narayana Vidyalaya on 26th March 2016, to make the teachers familiar with the intentions, methodologies and the implementation process of CCE prescribed by CBSE. 50 teachers participated. Though the teachers practice CCE as a part of their mandatory requirement, the session gave the teachers how to really implement CCE in its real spirit. Many  activities were conducted to demonstrate the evaluation of co-scholastic aspects of students such as creativity, team work, innovation, values and so on.