The Philosophy

Who is responsible for the sad state of India today? Politicians? Bureaucrats? Businessmen? Citizens?

In our minds, it is the failure of one single profession, which has the primary responsibility of producing good citizens…. the ‘Teachers’!

The most critical problem that our country is facing today is not corruption or poverty or the indiscipline of the average Indians. But it is the lack of good quality, committed teachers. Is this a such an important problem that needs immediate attention?  Yes, indeed. For the simple reason, that without good quality teachers, our institutions can not produce good citizens with sense of moral values, commitment and discipline. Without such citizens, the character of our Nation will decline further.

Excellence in teaching used to be one of the strengths of our country once.  People of yesteryear would certainly recall how inspirational the teachers of their times were. The previous generation of teachers were not just tutors of lessons, but were mentors, motivators, role models and inspiring personalities. Teachers commanded respect and reverence by their uncompromising commitment to their profession.

What is the state of such noble profession now? Why is that virtues such as, concern for others, social commitment, compassion, patriotism and values have become “old fashioned”?

The character of children gets molded in the educational institutions and the teachers are the prime influencers at those breeding grounds of the future citizens of the country. The depleted moral values and self-centric attitudes of the students today are just the reflection of poor quality of our present teachers.

If we need to set the country back into progressive path, we need to produce citizens with high sense of responsibility and commitment towards nation building. Strong and influential teachers are the only ones who can mold the younger generation into committed citizens. If we can sensitize our teachers, make them realize their important role in Nation building and get them committed to this noble mission, transformation will happen surely though slowly. The process may take years, but we need to start NOW!