The Process

InspireTeacher is an attempt to bring back the lost glory to the teaching profession. Our intention is to  sensitize and influence the present teachers and also to create a new breed of powerful teachers. This is obviously, not a single handed  or overnight effort. InspireTeacher is a platform for all those committed minds across the country, who agree that improving the quality of teachers is the only way to build a better future of this country. This is a platform for sharing the ideas, thoughts, case studies and services to reach out to thousands of teachers across the country and to make them realize one singular message : “Teaching is not just a job. It is a great responsibility”.

We need to adapt different methods and process to achieve this. The main thrust areas of our work will be

  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Awareness and Sensitization campaigns
  • Teacher quality improvement workshops
  • Teacher recognition programmes

As a part of the initiative, “INSPIRE” workshops have already been started in many schools across Tamil Nadu.